Michael Schiller

Programmer & Sports Journalist

About Me:

I am a Junior Computer Science and Sports Journalism Student at the University
of Massachusetts Amherst. Within Computer Science my focus is on Software
Engineering with a deep interest in Security and Networking, which I am looking
to study more in-depth in the coming semesters. My internship experience was
primarily in QA development using Python to write automated test suites to serve
as periodic regression analysis of current product builds.My journalism work
experience thus far was largely editorial with no major reporting duties.

Selected Works

Project Euler

A number of complex math problems solved using Python, Java, and C.

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Automated Wings Ordering

Program that stores orders in a simple datastructure then uses Automation Techniques to manipulate the 'Wings Over Amherst' Website to place orders.

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Freelance project that uses Amazon Web services 'Dash IoT' to perform automated tasks written in JavaScript. Uses API's to fetch/send data simply.

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CLI Google Maps

Command line utility that is tethered to a keyword which when called with a legal search sequence opens a browser window with the specified search. If no arguments are entered the script then uses the clip-board to search with.

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-Agile Development


-Discrete Mathematics



-Advanced Calculus Statistical Analysis